Ram 2500 Power Wagon GVM Upgrade


Shocks: Radflo


*$200 Surcharge for NSW Accreditation 

The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is complied at 3,886kg. We can organise a mod plate GVM Upgrade to 4,275kg with this suspension upgrade & certification.

The stock 2" lifted suspension is designed to go rock crawling in the Moab Desert (Utah, USA). It's soft and spongey, but as soon as you put some weight in the back then it just doesn't ride well - you'll be swerving all over the place.

We upgrade the suspension and run some thorough tests to meet the minimum ADR safety requirements.

This GVM Upgrade includes:

  • 2" Lifted Coils
    • These are rated to a higher spring rate
    • Vehicle may sit an extra ~20mm higher than standard
  • Front & Rear Radflo Shocks
    • Remote Reservoir Shocks with Compression Adjuster
    • Hand assembled in the USA and provides the best possible ride.
    • Includes Rear Shock Guards
    • You can find more information on the Radflo shocks here.
  • Mod Plate to take the GVM to 4,275kg from 3,886kg, giving you almost 1,000kg of payload for a stock Ram 2500 Power Wagon
  • Installation
  • Optional Airbags (additional cost)

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