RAM 1500 DT Airbag Man Airbags

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Vehicle Lift: Stock Height

Vehicle Lift

So you bought a RAM 1500 DT and now you want to tow - that's the purpose of the vehicle right? When you put load on the back, your vehicle may sag a bit if you don't have the right suspension setup.

Airbags are a great way to help keep your vehicle level when putting on your caravan or trailer. By keeping your vehicle level, your vehicle will be safe on the road and provide the optimum handling.


    • Firestone Airbags with Airbag Man Kevlar Sleeves that sit inside the coils.
    • By inflating these airbags, it will stiffen the rear coils to minimise the suppression for the extra load.
    • Must inflate the bags to ~55psi, then load up your vehicle and release air pressure until vehicle is level.
    • If you put your load on first, the airbags will pinch between the coils.
    • Must always keep at least ~5psi in the airbags or you run the risk of a deflated airbag being pinched by the coils.
    • A great entry level option for those who tow only a few times a year
    • Different height bags for Stock Height or 2" Lift.
    • The kit is supplied with manual inflation valves that get installed to the rear bumper.

    To inflate your bags you can:

    *For the RAM 1500 Rebel, select the 2” Lifted bags as they have a 1” lift from factory*

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