Twin Air Compressor for RAM 1500 DT

Sale price$1,715.00

Compressor Kit: TJM

Compressor Kit

Conversion Company - Additional trailer plug bracket: SCD/AUSMV

Conversion Company - Additional trailer plug bracket

If you're looking to inflate your tyres and airbags when heading off road, then you need a Twin Air Compressor. We have built a special mounting bracket which hides the compressor in front of the RHS tail light, so you don't jeopardise tub space.

  • Twin Compressor running at 170 litres per minute.
  • Custom Outback Kitters bracket, powdercoated black with ventilation slots for optimum cooling.
  • Includes Tyre Inflation Digital Gauge and Deflator.
  • Includes Airline Kit with 6m Heat-Resistant Hose & Various Fittings.
  • Includes professional installation at SCD Performance with Compressor Outlet on rear bumper or inside RAM box.
**This will not work with air suspension models**

    The kit cannot be shipped at this point in time. We are working on fitting instructions and packaging suitable for shipping.

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