Compact Hand Held UHF


Mounting: Hood


  • GME UHF Radio (XRS370C) Ultra Compact radio with buttons on the hand piece
    • Detachable cable if you wish to put away the controller
    • Customers can mount the mounting bracket with the supplied double sided tape on the dash (we do not mount this as customers have a different preference)
    • UHF Box mounted behind dash under steering wheel column
  • If mounted to hood
    • AE4018K1 Thin Black 4.5dbi Antenna mounted on an antenna base.
    • Our special mounting bracket which gets installed to the lower LHS of the windscreen. The antenna sits just above the height of the roof which is a perfect indicator for entering carparks.
  • If mounted to Bullbar
    • AE4075B Thick Black 6.6dbi Antenna with Spring Base.
  • If mounted to Rear Cab Window
    • AE5004 Transparent Glass Mounted 4.5dbi Antenna
    • Discrete location perfect for communication in a convoy or worksite.
  • If mounted to Rambox Tub
    • AE4707B Thick Black 2.1B Short Antenna with GME Folding Bracket.
    • Compatible with tonneau covers.
    • This solution CAN NOT be installed on vehicles without Ramboxes.

If you want more information relating to dbi ratings, check out this link by GME here:

Price includes installation.

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