Compact UHF

Sale price$1,200.00

Mounting: Rear Cab Window


  • GME UHF Radio (XRS370C) Ultra Compact radio with buttons on the hand piece
    • Detachable cable if you wish to put away the controller.
    • Customers can mount the mounting bracket with the supplied double sided tape on the dash (we do not mount this as customers have a different preference).
    • UHF Box mounted behind dash under steering wheel column.
  • If mounted to Rear Cab Window
    • AE5004 Transparent Glass Mounted 4.5dBi Antenna.
    • Discrete location perfect for communication in a convoy or worksite.
    • Arguably the best option for 95% of customers.
  • Now offering a Town & Country All-Terrain option
    • Heavy duty All-Terrain pack (2.1dBi & 6.6dBi) .
    • AE4705B - 6.6dBi heavy-duty, spring base antenna, ideal for communication over open flat terrain.
    • For enhanced performance in built-up areas or mountainous terrain, simply unscrew the AW4705B antenna whip and replace with the 2.1dBi gain AW4704B whip.
    • This can only be installed on bullbars.

    If you want more information relating to dBi ratings, check out this link by GME here:

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