Ram 2500 DJII Suspension Upgrade


Coil Height: Stock (+20mm)
Shock Option: Outback Kitters
Delivery: Installed


If you're looking for a Ram 2500 2" Lift Kit, then look no further. 

Coil Suspension Kits include: 

  • 2" Lifted or +20mm "Stock Height" Front Coils (with 20% Extra Load Rating)
  • 2" Lifted or +20mm "Stock Height" Rear Coils  (with 20% Extra Load Rating)
  • Front & Rear Shocks
  • Optional Airbags (additional cost)

Shock options:

  • EFS 
    • Dual Walled Monotube Shock
    • 45mm Inner Bore
    • Not a rebuildable shock / cannot be tuned to suit your ride
  • Outback Kitters (Stock not Available - ETA March/April)
    • Front -  Remote Reservoir Shocks 
    • Rear - Remote Reservoir Shocks with Compression Adjuster
    • Hand assembled in the USA by Radflo Suspension and provides the best possible ride.
    • Includes Rear Shock Guards
    • You can find more information on the Outback Kitters shocks here.

Wheel & Tyre Fitment:

  • Customer supplied wheels & tyres can be installed for an additional $170, which includes the recalibration of the speedometer to match the new wheels & tyres as well as the changing of the vehicles minimum PSI warning to 30psi to allow for the tyres to be run at a lower PSI than factory when required while keeping the warning system active for the case of a blown tyre should that occur.
  • For larger wheels & tyres (e.g. 37's) trimming is required, even with a lift; this trimming can be done at an additional cost of $170.

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