RAM 2500 DJ/DJII Auxiliary Battery System

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Battery Type: 120ah Lithium Battery

Battery Type

If you're wanting to power a fridge and other accessories in the back of your RAM , then you should check out Auxiliary Battery Box setup.

  • 120ah iTech IP67 Lithium Battery.
  • LCD Battery Meter with Voltage & Battery %.
  • Battery Box is mounted to the RHS chassis rail just in front of the rear wheel.
  • Redarc BCDC1240D IP67 Battery Charger on Rear LHS of Tub / RAM box.
  • Battery & Redarc unit are IP67 rated for full protection against water, dust and mud.
  • 2 x Plugs (Anderson, 12V Socket or Engel) on Towbar / Rear LHS of Tub.
  • Anderson Plug for Solar Blanket on Towbar.
  • Additional plugs available at a cost.
  • Prices will vary if the plugs are located in positions other than the rear left hand side of the tub.
  • Only suits the RAM 2500

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