Ram 1500 DT Outback Kitters Shocks

RadfloSKU: 6CD 002 0A

Type: Front Shock (each)
Delivery: Not Installed


Outback Kitters shocks are built by Radflo, which offer a remote reservoir shock with a compression adjuster to give you the best possible ride for your Ram 1500 DT.

  • Hand assembled in California
  • Custom designed and valved to suit Australian roads
  • Remote Reservoir for increased fluid capacity to eliminate shock fade
  • Rebuildable & Serviceable shock to give you a continuous comfortable ride
  • Compression Adjusters alter the rebound rate - keep it soft when you're Ram is empty and harden it up when you are loaded. This gives you the optimum ride quality!

These are a 2.5" shock which will cater for a lift up to 2". 

Price is per set of 2 x struts / shocks.

Note: Front coil over struts include the coil as well. Rear coils need to be purchased for a complete set. Refer to our 2" Lift Kit here.

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