RAM 1500 DT Bighorn 6th Seat Modification

Sale price$1,000.00

Option: SCD Performance Installed


SCD Performance Installed:

Get your RAM 1500 DT Bighorn certified as a 6 seater. This includes us removing the locking bracket of the 6th seat, installing a seat belt, getting our engineer's certification and affixing a mod plate.

The center seat is unlocked and can be easily flipped up to fit an extra person.

This can only be done at the SCD Performance work shop in Brisbane, QLD for QLD Registered vehicles only.

*Note: the pictures shown are for the RAM 1500 DS model. The RAM 1500 DT is an over the shoulder seat belt.

 Supply Only:

Supply will include:

  • Seat buckle
  • Seat belt
  • Bolts and nuts needed

NOTE: This is different to the RAM 1500 DS model

Supply Only does NOT include a modification plate. This will need to be sourced externally by an engineer.

NOTE: Regulations differ depending on State. Recommend finding an engineer before purchase.

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