Ram 1500 6th Seat Modification

SCD PerformanceSKU: RAM10011



*$200 Surcharge for NSW Accreditation 

Get your Ram 1500 Express certified as a 6 seater. This includes us removing the locking bracket of the 6th seat, installing a seat belt, getting our engineer's certification and affixing a mod plate.

The centre seat is unlocked and can be easily flipped up to fit an extra person.

This can only be done at the SCD American Vehicles work shop in Brisbane, QLD.

*Note: the pictures shown are for the Ram 1500 DS model. The Ram 1500 DS Classic models can only fit a lap seatbelt (i.e. a lap-sash belt is not available). The console is not locked in the upright position.

This can be done for QLD, NSW, NT and VIC customers at our workshop.

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