Ford F150 GVM Upgrade

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Feeling let down by your F-150's lack of hauling power? Turn things around with SCD Performance's GVM Upgrade, unleashing the full potential of your new ride! Carefully crafted to both optimise your Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) and meet Australia's strict guidelines of the Australian Design Rules (ADR).

GVM Upgrade Includes:

  • 2" lifted Front Radflo Coilovers w/ Remote Reservoir (2.5" Big Bore Shocks)
  • Radflo Rear Shocks w/ Remote Reservoir and Adjuster (2.5" Big Bore Shocks)
  • Rear Leaf Spring Upgrade
  • Compliance and Engineering (QLD REGO ONLY)

According to the specifications listed on Ford Australia's website, this is what we can do:

F-150 SWB

XLT: Payload Increase from 769kg to 989kg (220kg increase)

       Current GVM: 3220kg

       GVM Upgrade: 3440kg

Lariat: Payload Increase from 685 to 970kg (285kg increase)

       Current GVM: 3220kg

       GVM Upgrade: 3500kg

F-150 LWB

XLT: Payload Increase from 794kg to 1029kg (235kg increase)

       Current GVM: 3265kg

       GVM Upgrade: 3500kg

Lariat: Payload Increase from 710 to 945kg (235kg increase)

       Current GVM: 3265kg

       GVM Upgrade: 3500kg  

*This information has been pulled from Ford Australia's specifications brochure. To confirm, look at the compliance plate on your vehicle to check the Gross Axle Weight Ratings of your Front & Rear Axles.

*This GVM Upgrade does not increase the rear axle capacity of the F150. Please be mindful of this when you are doing your weight calculations for towing.

Contact us at 07 3924 6542 to discuss the GVM upgrade limit for your specific Ford F150 model. Our team members will provide expert guidance based on your vehicle's individual GAWR. We are here to help you explore your options.



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