Electric Rust Proofing




If you're going anywhere near salt water or a mining site, then you need the CouplerTec Electric Rust Proofing system. This Electronic corrosion protection using capacitive coupling technology which interferes with the electrical charge between Iron & Oxygen, making it hard for these elements to combine to form rust.

Given that these vehicles have spent time on salty/snowy roads in North America and a container on the water, this will help prevent rust spots appearing.

  • 6 Pad System for the Ultimate Protection
  • Specifically designed for Four Wheel Drives that are exposed to highly corrosive environments.
    • An absolute must have if you intend on driving on the beach.
    • Pricing includes installation at SCD Performance.
    • 10 Year Warranty
      • Requires a yearly inspection to ensure warranty remains valid. This can be done at any authorised CouplerTec installer.

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