EFS Recon 17,000lb Winch

Sale price$1,000.00

EFS RECON 17000 LBS (7720KG) electric winch, 12 volt, remote safety switch comes with wireless and wired remotes, automatic motor brake which reduces drum heat.


Part Number RECON-17
Single line rated pull 17,000lb (7,720kg)
Motor 12V 6.0hp/4.5kw Series Wound
Control Remote Switch,3.6m lead & wireless remote
Gear Ratio 360:1
Clutch Sliding ring gear
Braking Action Automatic in the motor bracket. No heat on drum when winch works
Drum Size 90mmx224mm
Rope 12mmx24m
Fairlead Aluminum Hawse
Weight 54kg
Overall Dimensions(LxWxH) 587x215x246mm
Packing Dimensions(LxWxH) 650x410x254mm
Mounting bolt pattern 254×114.3mm


12V DC performance specs (first layer of drum)
Line Pull
Line Speed
Pull by layer
0 7.2 75 amps 1/17,000 (7,720)
2000 (910) 3.1 120 amps 2/14,160(6,430)
6000 (2725) 2.6 190 amps 3/11,800 (5,360)
10000 (4540) 2.0 280amps 4/9,830(4,465)
14000 (6355) 1.4 340 amps  
17000 (7720) 1.0 410 amps

We recommend a battery isolation switch to be used.


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