Caravan Reverse Camera Package (Mirror Monitor)

SCD PerformanceSKU: SCD10004INS

Caravan Camera Type: Safety Dave Single


With the addition of a mirror mounted screen, you have the convenience of easy access to your caravan camera without the inconvenience of having to deal with a second screen. 

Instead, you can use your rear view mirror to access your caravan camera!

  • Includes a 7" detachable LED colour mirror monitor 
  • Includes cabling to the rear of the vehicle, allowing for easy connection to your caravan
  • The system is compatible both with single and dual camera setups


Prices include installation - product must be installed by a verified installer


NOTE: If your vehicle is a 2021+ model, your vehicle is most likely equipped with Uconnect 5 internal software. The head unit integration by Advanced ICE will not work, therefore you will need to use this external screen setup.


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