Ram 2500 Power Wagon Tazer Module

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If you are changing the tyre size or want to reduce the minimum tyre pressure on your Ram 2500 Power Wagon, then you need the Tazer Module. If you don't have a Power Wagon then we can program it using our in-house computers.


This module is a plug-in device to change vehicle settings and provide some extra functions that were not available from the factory.  It works on all engine variations, including the diesels.  Needs to have the speedometer cluster that has the ability to display radio station information – only the older base model trucks may have the cluster that does not.  All colour displays will work.

The features can be broken into two categories;

  • Vehicle Settings – which are changes made to the vehicle which to accommodate for changes made to the vehicle or to enable or “unlock” features that technically exist but are disabled by the factory, normally reserved for a higher trim level or package for that vehicle type. These changes will continue to operate after the module is unplugged.
  • Live Functions – which are functions the module performs live, only while plugged into the OBD2 port.

Vehicle Settings:

  • Calibrate speedometer for non-factory tire sizes
  • Configure vehicle for gear ratio changes
  • Can disable Tire Pressure Monitoring System warnings, or modify PSI settings*
  • Can enable/disable Daytime Running Lights and user can select lights to use (application dependent)
  • Can enable the addition of factory fog lights
  • Can support LED lights
  • Can disable Fog Light Dropout (allowing hi and low beams and fog lights on simultaneously)
  • Can enable the addition of factory backup camera and aftermarket front camera*
  • Can disable SiriusXM TravelLink traffic and weather warnings
  • Can enable aux video/audio for front camera and/or external video source (2018’s can only enable one cargo cam input)
  • Can enable factory aux buttons, support addition of power folding mirrors, and more
  • One-touch return-to-stock – Quick “unmarry” function returns all vehicle settings back to stock. No need to remember or write down original settings when returning to stock before dealer service.

Live Functions:

  • AutoFold – Can automatically extend and retract power folding mirrors when vehicle is turned on and off
  • Windows from keyfob – can open and close front door power windows from the keyfob
  • Line Lock – Uses ABS solenoids to lock the front wheels for burnouts at the track or just for fun
  • Can enable in-motion navigation address entry
  • Light Show mode – 6 preset and 3 make-your-own Light shows that flashes all the exterior lights, perfect for car shows. Control from Key Fob or steering wheel buttons. Can be enabled for in-motion use for parades, off-road and legal police/EMS.
  • Cooldown mode: Turn engine fans on demand when the ignition is on, engine not running – good for the staging lanes at the track or after a run in the trails.
  • Winch Mode: temporarily raise engine idle to 2000 RPM when winching or jump starting another vehicle.
  • Spoof4Lo: raises idle and shift points, and allows use of lockers and sway bar disconnect in any transfer case mode on Power Wagons
  • Clear CELs – reset that pesky check engine light. Good when you have mods that set the light and you know exactly why.
  • Fully disable ESP/Traction Control by pressing and holding ESP button
  • 0 to 30 and 0 to 60 Timers – Displays 0-30 or 0-60 times on EVIC display
  • Firmware updates – new firmware is available periodically, always free and posted to the Z Automotive website. Use ZPU programming utility, also on the website, to load the firmware.

*tire psi setting requires dealer trip, so the vehicle can recognize the change.  Disabling TPMS system altogether and turning off the warning symbol does NOT require the dealer.


Model year 2018 Ram: Due to the addition of a new security module, a Bypass Module will need to be installed behind the radio, and is included with purchase.

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