Ram 3500 DJII Stock Height Suspension Upgrade


Delivery: Not Installed
Rear Suspension: Leaf Springs


If you're looking to load up your 2019+ Ram 3500 DJII but don't want to lift it, then this Suspension Upgrade is the answer for you.

Our kits comes with:

  • 20mm Raised Front Coils (with 20% Extra Load Rating)
  • Front & Rear Outback Kitters Shocks
    • Remote Reservoir Shocks with Compression Adjuster
    • Hand assembled in the USA by Radflo Suspension and provides the best possible ride.
    • Includes Rear Shock Guards
    • You can find more information on the Outback Kitters shocks here.
  • Optional Airbags (additional cost for those without Factory Air Suspension)


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