Ram 2500 Sway Bar Upgrade (for ASV conversions)

SCD PerformanceSKU: DBF167-35F

Delivery: Not Installed
Size: Stock Height


For all those who have a Ram 2500 converted by ASV and purchased through the dealerships, you will notice a little knocking noise in the steering. This is due to a poorly designed sway bar & link pins which weren't built to last the distance.

At SCD, we have developed a whole new kit with a newly designed heavy duty sway bar that's a solid 35mm thick high tension steel, along with heavy duty sway bar link pins.

The drive in your ASV Ram 2500 will instantly be better and you will have more control around corners and off road.


NOTE: Please be advised only stock height and 2" lift options are available. These sway bars are not compatible with lifts greater than 2".

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