Ram 1500 DT Rear Air Bags

Airbag ManSKU: CR5164HP

Delivery: Not Installed
Height: Stock Height


If you're towing and want to keep the back of your Ram 1500 DT level, then this is a low cost solution for optimal safety.

  • Firestone Airbags with Airbag Man Kevlar Sleeves go inside the rear coil springs.
  • Inflate the bags with the inflation valves mounted on the rear bumper and then hit up your trailer / caravan.
  • Can support the Maximum Payload and Towing Weight allowable on your Ram 1500.
  • Easy to deflate when you are not towing.
  • For a built in compressor and wireless remote and gauge to inflate your airbags, check out the Air Control Kit.

For extra support in the rear of your Ram 1500, you can add a 2" Lift Kit with different rear coil options.

This kit is to suit the Ram 1500 DT model (2019+ model).

For TRX customers, choose the 2" Raised option.

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