Ram 1500 DT Air Suspension Lift


Shock Option: EFS


Increase the stock ride height of your Ram 1500 DT to look staunch, all the time. The new Normal Ride Height of your Ram will now be what the Offroad 1 Ride Height is (approximately 30mm higher). 

  • Programming of the vehicle to raise the airbags by 30mm
  • Fully legal in all states
  • No additional equipment necessary
  • Full use from Entry, Aero, Normal and Offroad 1 ride heights.
  • Note: You won't be able to use Offroad 2 as that exceeds the limitation of the airbags. The Offroad 1 setting will now be at the height of the stock Offroad 2 height.

Shock options:
(Note: Only the rear shocks are changed - you cannot change the front struts with air suspension)

  • EFS Monotube Shocks with 45mm Inner Bore & Dual Walled for Heavy Duty use.
  • Outback Kitters (by Radflo) Remote Reservoir Shocks with Compression Adjuster - hand made in the USA by Radflo and provides the best possible ride. They're in the same realm as Fox & King Shocks but at a much better price point. You can find more information on the Outback Kitters shocks here.

This is not a shippable item as the programming needs to be done by SCD / AusMV.

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