Off Road Navigation + HEMA Maps + Caravan Reverse Camera Package

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The new Ram 1500 DT and 2500/3500 come with Apple Carplay / Android Auto, allowing you to have access to the latest and most updated maps using Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze.

If you're venturing off the beaten track and want access to maps when you're off grid, then this is the package for you.

We have an Off Road Navigation & HEMA Maps Package which also includes the integration of your Caravan Reverse Camera to the 12" and 8.4" Screens. The benefits of our map package means that you don't need a seperate screen on top of your dash, allowing your dash to be clean and neat.

The Maps take up half of the 12" screen which allows the other half to be utilised by showing your media or climate control. You are also able to switch the screen to have the maps on the top or the bottom half. Furthermore, you can have the Maps on half the screen and then the Caravan Reverse Camera appear on the other half.

Our Premium Street Navigation maps have the following features:

  • iGo Primo Nextgen Navigation with HERE Maps for routing and guidance.
  • Full GPS based navigation
  • Integrated into the screen.
  • Programmable to include your Caravan / Trailer height, length & width. This will ensure that you will only go down roads capable of handling the turns for your vehicle and whatever you are towing. You won't be prompted to do a U-Turn on a small suburban roundabout.
  • Easily updateable maps (free updates for the first 12 months). Approx. $300 to update the maps after that. 
  • Vehicle Specification based routing – Set your vehicles combined dimensions (including a trailer or van) and the navigation will route you accordingly. That means no close calls with low bridges and not being sent down a road you can’t turn around on.
  • Camps Australia Wide Points of Interest Database – The system comes preloaded with all of the Camps Caravan Parks, Dump Points, Overnight and Free Camp Sites. So just type in the number from the Camps Book or App and your destinations is set.
  • Navigation Updates – 12 months worth of complimentary Street Map updates is included so you know you will have the latest maps. After this period you can choose to purchase maps updates whenever you want. 

Our HEMA Maps have the following features:

  • Includes Hema Maps’ entire digital collection of 4WD and Touring Maps
  • Australia-wide coverage with made for touring mapping.
  • Includes Camps, POI and Facilities information.
  • Can view 4WD tracks, topographic information, points of interest, contours and terrains of remote areas and islands.
  • Can lock in your starting location so you can navigate your way back to to your original starting point.
  • See exactly where you are on the map and track your progress to show where you have been.

 Our Caravan Camera Integration has the following features:

    • Integrate your Caravan Camera and have it set up to work whilst driving along the highway so you can see if anyone is behind you.
    • Compatible with up to 4 x Cameras, perfect for Horse Floats if you have "in-trailer" cameras. 
    • Compatible with Safety Dave (Single or Dual Camera)
    • Compatible with Bushtracker Caravan integrated to 12 Pin Plug
    • Compatible with Polaris Camera
  • *Additional costs may be applicable for the Caravan Camera cable to be run to the back of the vehicle. Allow up to $300.

This product is compatible with the following RAM Systems:-

  • DT 1500 RAM with 12 Inch UAX or 8.4 Inch UAV uConnect Systems
  • DJ 2500 & 3500 RAM with 12 Inch UAX or 8.4 Inch UAV uConnect Systems

Note – This is not compatible with the 8.4 UAM uConnect 4 Radio. This is a more basic system with manual air conditioning controls. 

*This can only be installed by one of our verified installers.

*Price includes installation.

*This is ONLY available on the Ram 1500 DT and the Ram 2500/3500 Gen 5 trucks (2019+ model year onwards) with the 12.1" or 8.4" screens. 

Download the User Manual here.

Download the Navigation & Hema User Manual here.

Download the Navigation Update Instructions here.

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