Gen-Y Torsion Hitch 4.5t w/ 2" Shank

Gen-YSKU: GH-1014-A57

Towball Type: 50/70mm Ball


If you're towing over 3.5t then you need to seriously consider the Gen-Y Torsion Hitch! With built in suspension, this is guaranteed to make your ride a lot smoother when towing your caravan, boat or trailer.


  • Rated up to 4,500kg
  • Sand Blasted and Coated with a Durable Silver-Vein Powder Coat
  • Comes standard with a 50mm/70mm tow ball
  • Options available for DO35 & DO45
  • Ram 1500/Silverado 1500 works perfectly with the 2" Shank

50mm ball is rated to 4.5t, however Australia legislation requires anything over 3.5t to be towed on a DO45/70mm ball or Pintle.

70mm ball is rated to 4.5t.

If you need the DO35/45 tongue attachment, you can also purchase it if you click here.

Recommended to get a set of lockable keys to ensure your hitch and tow ball doesn't get stolen! Click here to check them out: Pair of Locks

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