AdBlue Magnetic Adaptor

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AdBlue DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) MIS-FILLING DEVICE Magnetic Adaptor for filling any vehicle requiring DEF / AdBlue in the vehicle.

The AdBlue magnet is for the prevention of mis-filling AdBlue into a diesel vehicle. This universal magnet filler neck collar fits into any vehicles AdBlue fill point so when a magnetic spout nozzle is used, such as ZVA AdBlue Nozzle in service stations, it only allows AdBlue into the correct fill chamber preventing miss-filling into any other fill point.

The fixed magnetic field within the filler neck opens the magnet switch in the spout.

For the refuelling of other containers push MIS-FILLING Magnetic Adaptor over the 19mm OD nozzle spout then pull the trigger. Such as jerry cans for long trips.

Don't pay high prices for 20L drums of AdBlue, buy a nozzle & fill your own container from the bowser.

  • Will replace broken or worn out Magnets in AdBlue tanks on Trucks, Tractors or Buses.

This will suit all Ram models.

This can be collected or shipped from SCD American Vehicles.

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