Caravan Reverse Camera Package

SCD PerformanceSKU: SCD10003

Caravan Camera Type: Safety Dave Single



If you want to take advantage of your Caravan Camera to be integrated into your 12.1" or 8.4" screen, then check out our Caravan Camera Integration:

    • Integrate your Caravan Camera and have it set up to work whilst driving along the highway so you can see if anyone is behind you.
    • Compatible with up to 4 x Cameras, perfect for Horse Floats if you have "in-trailer" cameras. 
    • Camera Image can be viewed while driving forwards
    • Compatible with Safety Dave (Single or Dual Camera)
    • Compatible with Bushtracker Caravan integrated to 12 Pin Plug
    • Compatible with Polaris Camera
    • Retains all facotry features and functionality

You can activate the system anytime to view the additional trailer while driving forwards and it won’t affect any of the functionality of the factory audio system. On the 12 Inch screen we developed “Dual View” function that allows you to easily switch the camera image from the top half of the screen to the bottom. 

This product is compatible with the following RAM Systems:-

  • DT 1500 RAM with 12 Inch UAX or 8.4 Inch UAV uConnect Systems
  • DJ 2500 & 3500 RAM with 12 Inch UAX or 8.4 Inch UAV uConnect Systems

Note – This is not compatible with the 8.4 UAM uConnect 4 Radio. This is a more basic system with manual air conditioning controls. 

Some Rams can come from the factory with the Caravan Camera integration. This requires a specialised Mopar wiring harness to the rear of the Ram and also their specialised caravan camera which you will need to wire in to your caravan / trailer. If you were to sell that caravan, you will need to remove the camera out of it to put on to your next one. With our solution, you can safely upgrade/downgrade the caravan and use the popular camera solutions that come with most caravans.

    *This can only be installed by one of our verified installers.

    *Price includes installation.

    *This is ONLY available on the Ram 1500 DT and the Ram 2500/3500 Gen 5 trucks (2019+ model year onwards) with the 12.1" or 8.4" screens. 

    Download the User Manual here.


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